Welcome to ACRE!

There is no other feeling in the world quite like anticipation. And Memphis is full of it right now - as warmer days and greening landscapes turn our minds to blooming flowers, the bounty of local farmer's markets and more time spent outdoors.

 And of course, nothing builds up an appetite like waiting. For the friends and food lovers who have followed me from my days at KC's in Cleveland to my first restaurant here in Memphis to the Brushmark, I want to say, "Thank you - your wait is almost over!"

 The idea behind this new restaurant, ACRE, has been brewing for more than four years. When we open in a few short weeks, Executive Chef Andrew Adams and I, along with our staff, will be ready to serve you the kind of fresh, simple and inventive food we've been dreaming of for years in a unique and comfortable setting that we never imagined was possible. But thanks to Mary and Frank Stanley, Gwen Driscoll, Doug Enoch and a host of other talented and committed folks, it is!

We hope you'll visit us soon. We can't wait to serve you the delicious food and show you the warm hospitality that your patience and loyalty deserves.

-Wally Joe  

Posted by Wally Joe at 13:02
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