Check out our first review in The Commercial Appeal!

The Commercial Appeal's Jennifer Biggs calls ACRE a "new star...a brightly shining one" on the Memphis dining stage.

Speaking of stars, she gave us three-and-a-half- we'll take 'em!


ACRE's away, running

The Memphis dining stage has a new star, and it's a brightly shining one. Acre opened in May with more fanfare than any local restaurant in recent memory, and has had a full house from day one.

The space is beautiful. If you follow the restaurant scene even slightly, you've heard talk about the expense of the renovation, about the painstaking attention to detail from the tables to the upholstery, the linens to the lighting, the wood to the stunning oversized Roberto Dutesco prints of Sable Island horses.

Acre is in a renovated house, tucked away on Perkins behind Theatre Memphis. Old houses make for cozy and welcoming restaurants anyway, and this is a spectacular example of refinement and comfort from the porch to the patio.

The sun room at Acre showcases the new restaurant's ambitious renovation of a home on S. Perkins in East Memphis. The lighting, the linens, the wood and the artwork all echo the restaurant's commitment to top-quality fresh ingredients. Photo by Kyle Kurlick Executive chef Andrew Adams prepares plates of Côte de Boeuf, a pan-roasted ribeye dish.

While there are people who will go to Acre just to see it (and to be seen), it will be the food that gets diners in again and again.

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Posted by John Gaskill at 06:48
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