Wine at ACRE isn’t an extra or an afterthought – it is an integral part of the dining experience and a focal point for the creation of the cuisine. Chef Wally Joe’s interest in wine pre-dates his passion for food. “When I was in college, every bit of extra money I had went into starting a collection.”

Dishes at ACRE are wine-friendly by design and wines for the list are chosen for their food-friendliness, focusing on small, boutique producers and limited production wines. Bottle prices range from anywhere from about $20 to about $200.

The broad list features not only the usual varietals and production regions but also focuses on lesser known varietals and countries– Albarino and Txakolina from Spain and Vinhos Verdes and Douro wines from Portugual, to name just a few.

The 15 to 20 wines available by the glass are also available by quartino, a small carafe that contains about 1 ½ glasses of wine.

Artisan cocktails

ACRE’s specialty cocktails avoid trendiness, focusing instead on premium ingredients. Syrups and infusions are house-made, cherries are house-cured and freshness rules the bar. The list is made up of variations of classic cocktails from the prohibition era, but the well-stocked bar can concoct the full range of well-known cocktails or craft a custom drink just for you.

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