ACRE is located in a renovated home nestled on a lush, tree-lined acre of land in East Memphis. With its dramatic, arched entryway, dark stone exterior and cedar shake and metal roof, it stands out but still seems a natural part of its surrounding residential neighborhood. Inside is a 70-seat restaurant featuring comfortable banquettes, beautiful lighting and a neutral palette. Four distinct dining environments are unified by design elements that are rustic, clean, cool and inviting:

  • The comfortable bar area is centered on a stone bar that sits just beyond the main entrance, where diners can have a cocktail or glass of wine while waiting for a table or where you can order from the bar menu.
  • The main dining room features light walls, dark furniture and a cozy fireplace with a view of a foyer that features a breathtaking image of Sable Island horses photographed by Robert Dutesco.
  • A south side Sunroom offers an airy space with vaulted ceilings, wrapped windows, ceiling lights and another Dutesco photograph.
  • And finally, guests can have a drink  or dine in an outdoor seating area with views of the terrace and lush garden that complete the homey, Southern charm of this one-of-a-kind dining destination. (Outdoor seating is limited and on a first come-first served basis.)
  • ACRE Caters! Tuesday, July 8, 2014
    Do you have a future event that needs a food/beverage/service provider?  ACRE might be the answer to all of your needs!  Whether your event is for 4 or 400 people, we can arrange partial or...